Parent League and Advocacy Network (PLAN) is an Unincorporated Association registered in Wisconsin. Our mission is to support parents in crisis through advocacy and education. We support Civil Gideon, or the right to court-appointed counsel, in all cases where child custody is an issue, whether in a divorce proceeding or because of the actions of a social services agency. When asked how we propose to pay for such a program, we point out the obvious. How are we paying for unrepresented parents in custody disputes now? Family crisis takes it’s toll on society in more than just dollars. It exacts a high price in human suffering. We pay for it with dead parents, children, lawyers, law enforcement officers, and court officials. Parents who are represented are less likely to feel they have been abandoned by the system they have been taught to believe is just.

PLAN will be applying for 501(c)(3) status in 2019. It’s our hope to effective advocates for parents in crisis by educating the community, the courts, and state and federal legislatures on the benefits of Civil Gideon for parents in crisis. Additionally, PLAN will work with an extensive network of mental health professionals and community-based programs to provide a reliable and accurate database of resources for parents and families.