PLAN is currently looking for a new board member. If you have an advanced degree in law or a STEM related field and are committed to helping parents in crisis find competent legal help and other resources, please contact the Executive Director. We want to work with you.

Our Vision

The Parent League and Advocacy Network (“PLAN”) supports the legal rights of parents in crisis, including the right to a court-appointed attorney, also known as Civil Gideon rights. By building a network of family advocates, legal and mental health professionals, community-based organizations, and Family Court Navigators, PLAN envisions a time in the not-so-distant future when parents in crisis will have access to affordable, quality legal assistance and community support.

Our Story

In March of 2015, a group of graduates from Concord Law School got together to discuss the plight of parents in crisis, especially the lack of available legal assistance for parents in family court. Whether they find themselves in front of a judge because of a divorce or because of action initiated by a state child protective services agency, the unrepresented parent’s rights and interests cannot be protected when the already distraught parent is forced to proceed alone. We decided to form a group to advocate for Civil Gideon rights for parents whenever custody of a child is at issue.

After initially forming as an unincorporated association in 2015, PLAN is preparing to seek 501(c)(3) status in 2019. We are committed to identifying legal and mental health resources for parents in crisis, because stable parents ensure stable families.

Meet the Team

In addition to holding a graduate degree in law, each of our directors has experience with family law, child custody, and family court proceedings.

Jerri L. Cook, juris doctor

Executive Director

Jerri holds a B.S. in Communications and has enjoyed a long career as a writer, editor, and author. She graduated from Concord Law School in 2014 with a juris doctorate. In 2016, she released her critically acclaimed book, As You Were: Child Sex Abuse in the Military, a Survivor’s Story. She currently volunteers as a legal researcher for Wisconsin Judicare.


Kevin L. Warmack, executive juris doctor

Financial Director

Kevin is a Senior Compliance Analyst at Banker’s Life Securities, Inc. A 2011 graduate of Concord Law School, Kevin holds an Executive Juris Doctor degree. He is involved with his community and deeply committed to solving the problems that keep parents from being their best. Kevin is a founding member of PLAN.


Durbin Goodwin, executive juris doctor

Family Policy Director

Durbin is a veteran of family law. She has worked as a paralegal in law firms specializing in child custody issues. A 2013 graduate of Concord Law School, Durbin holds an Executive Juris Doctor degree. In addition to her legal background, Durbin is also an experienced early childhood educator, working with children from all walks of life. She is a founding member of PLAN.


Juan Pacheco, juris doctor

Family Immigration Policy Director

Juan is a dedicated legal professional who has been recognized by his colleagues as an exception legal writer and researcher. A 2017 graduate of Concord Law School, he holds a juris doctorate. Juan has done extensive research in the area of family immigration policy. His efforts to assist migrant parents in understanding their rights and responsibilities are central to PLAN’s policies on family immigration.