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Divorce and Custody Resources
  • Cordell & Cordell is a family litigation firm specializing in father’s rights. Even though the focus of their practice is primarily on fathers, their site offers resources that both mothers and fathers who are facing divorce will find valuable. Parents can download free ebooks as well as state-specific divorce and custody resources. The site also offers a Men’s Divorce Podcast which addresses all areas of life during and after divorce, including parental alienation. Visit their site here.
  • is a website offering resources in all fifty states for women who are facing the challenges of divorce. They also offer a free divorce evaluation form to assist the user in finding a divorce attorney in their area. Although the focus of the site is on women, the information is useful to fathers as well. Visit their site here.
Free and Low Cost Legal Resources
  • The U.S. Department of State–Bureau of Consular Affairs provides an exhaustive list of federal and state laws regarding child abduction by a parent as well as information on international abduction of children by a parent. Visit their site here.
  • ProboKnow is a non-profit organization serving Orange County, California. The service connects low-income clients with attorneys who are willing to waive their fee. Visit their site here.
  • LowboKnow is a non-profit developed by the same group as Proboknow. It connects people in Orange County, California to attorneys who will take their case for a reduced fee. Visit their site here.
  • helps people find legal aid programs in their state. Click on the search icon and a drop-down list appears. Visit their site here.
  • California Courts offer access to free and low cost legal services. Scroll down the list of services and links to find the resource that meets your needs.
  • helps Massachusetts residents involved in custody actions find attorneys. Massachusetts parents who cannot afford an attorney in child custody cases have the right to a court-appointed attorney.
Mental Health Resources
Online Support Resources
  • Family Access is a support group founded by Elaine Johnson. The website has links to various resources to help parents and grandparents cope with being alienated from their children and grandchildren. Elaine hosts popular call-in events where legal and mental health professionals discuss the issue of family alienation. Visit the site here.
Community Resources
  • The National Parent Hotline offers a multitude of resources nationwide for parents in crisis, including in-person community-based resources like group meetings and advocacy groups. Call 1-855- 4A PARENT or 1-855-427-2736 Visit their site here.
Resources for Professionals