What Every Family Court Judge Should Know About Ron and Sherry Palmer

Old magazine add for Stanley's Snake OilFor family court judges, the unrepresented parent in a custody or CHiP proceeding creates problems. Rarely does the parent have a grasp on court procedure and practice, let alone the complex points of law involved in these highly emotional cases. The court must strive to make sure the proceedings are fair, but cannot help the unrepresented parent. In these situations, parents often lose winnable cases because they file inappropriate or error-filled pleadings and act against their own best interests. This situation exists because of a lack of Civil Gideon rights in family court and internet hustlers like Ron and Sherry Palmer. If you’re a family court judge who’s dealing with an unrepresented parent, you should be aware of people like the Palmers, because the frightened, unrepresented parent in front of you has likely taken advice from them.

If you’re a parent in crisis, beware. While your first instinct after having an unwelcome visit by CPS may be to turn to the internet for help, think twice. There is no shortage of uneducated charlatans lurking in cyber space waiting to relieve you of your money and deepen your misery. In prior posts, we’ve discussed the dangers of sites like FightCPS.com, which is run by Linda Jo Martin who encourages parents to take her advice, which never makes things better. Ever. In fact, Linda Jo Martin has harmed untold thousands of parents and children in the 19 years she has been online. But, Linda Jo has been outdone, or rather outclassed, by a couple of slick millennial types with advanced degrees who charge panicked parents hundreds of dollars for legal templates that are available for free online and offer a bogus consultation for only $250.

Ron and Sherry Palmer run a website called FixFamilyCourts.com. From the moment the parent in crisis lands on their page, Ron and Sherry bombard them with fake promises and outright lies. Here’s a particularly concerning lie:

We sit at the table and support your attorney in real-time. We keep your case and track and help you stay in control, relieving your stress and increasing your confidence and your attorney’s competence in constitutional rights preservation of error. We help you and your attorney tell your story without waiving your rights, help organize evidence, and help your attorney with finding the strengths and weaknesses in your case constitutionally, while preserving error for appeal if that becomes necessary. We make good attorneys great and great attorneys exceptional when it matters for you. We provide the research and resources that your attorney does not have – many of our arguments are original epiphanies and come from distilling caselaw. Our arguments have been used in many trials and appeals. Parents using these arguments have been able to get more custody time, better parenting plans with no supervised visitation. Some have seen the end to supervised visitation, reversed temporary orders, objected to GALs and won, objected to psych evals and won custody of their child.

No attorney anywhere has ever hired these two bloated buffoons for anything. It would be a straight-up violation of the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct, not to mention a privilege destroying debacle. Neither Ron nor Sherry are attorneys, professional counselors, legal professionals, or secretaries. Having these two present at any discussion with your attorney, or telling these two incompetent charlatans what you and your attorney talk about will destroy the attorney-client privilege, and the Palmers could easily be compelled to testify against you.

If their fraudulent misrepresentations aren’t enough to convince you to stay away from their website, consider this. They charge hundreds of dollars to send you “pleadings” that are available for free. What’s worse, not all states require the same pleadings, and if you’re representing yourself and file the wrong one, you’re going to complicate things. The Palmers also charge $250.00 for an “initial consultation” with them. Here’s the thing. If you have $250.00 in cash, you can hire an attorney, not some internet weasel.

These two snake oil salesmen claim they are constitutional scholars. Rubbish. Neither of them has a degree in anything even remotely resembling constitutional law. They are a pair of well-polished hustlers who use the internet to prey on vulnerable parents. If you have purchased forms from these crooks or followed their advice only to lose your case, please contact PLAN. We will assist you in reaching out to your State’s Attorney General.

If you would like to contact your State’s Attorney General, please include Ron and Sherry Palmer’s mailing address:

PO Box 1509, Lake Dallas, Texas 75065

PLAN encourages family court judges and family law practitioners to ask parents about their internet searches before making harsh judgments about the parents’ pleadings and statements. Parents can’t understand the law when their only source of information is from internet imposters masquerading as legal professionals. When there’s a questionable filing or statement, check to make sure the Palmers or some other con-artist isn’t behind it.

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