What Every Social Worker Should Know About Linda Jo Martin

If you’re a social worker who has to deal with removing children from their families, there’s something you should know. Not only are the parents of the removed children alone, afraid, embarrassed, and angry, they’re also vulnerable to false legal information. In fact, unless you’re a case worker in Massachusetts or California, it’s almost a certainty that the parent(s) who have had their child removed by you are scouring the internet for legal support, and what they find will most certainly make their situation worse. Social workers need to be aware of a site called FightCPS.com which has been giving out bad legal advice to frightened parents for 19 years. Here’s a quote from a FightCPS.com forum user from 2012.

I have tried just about everything on this site and nothing has helped- nothing. Why do you give false hope to people and then when they call you on it you get defensive?

FightCPS.com is ran by Linda Jo Martin, purportedly to help parents who are facing child abuse or neglect charges. However, Ms. Martin is anything but helpful. In fact, there’s no telling how many thousands of children and parents she has harmed in the 19 years she has been spewing bad advice. If you get a letter from a parent that seems aggressive, abrasive, and borders on hysterical, rest assured the parent has visited Linda Jo Martin’s website and clicked on one of her “resource” links. Any case worker who gets such a letter will no doubt be concerned about the parent’s mental stability, but take a moment to consider that the parents are reaching out for assistance, and only finding amateurs like Linda Jo Martin, masquerading as legal professionals.

Before you decide that the parent should be punished because they sent the letter Martin told them to, take a moment to realize that there are precious few real resources for a parent to discover on the internet. Consider contacting the parent and giving them our help line number (575) 519-4843 or referring them to our website. We are a team of legal, education, finance, and mediation professionals who help parents in crisis locate legitimate resources in their area. We don’t give legal advice, just solid information to help distraught parents navigate the system and rebuild their lives for themselves and their children.

If you’re a parent who has been harmed because you took Linda Jo Martin’s advice, please contact us. We’ll also assist you in locating an attorney who may be able to help you.

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